Ladies Skate Night

I went to an all female skate night in Nashville and took some portraits of the crew that showed up. Very cool event, very cool people.

Mixed Diptych

For years, I didn’t’ take photos when I traveled and I would always regret not being prepared with any camera other than the one on my phone. I eventually started regularly bringing this point and shoot from the 80’s and a few rolls of film. I don’t have a plan or anything in mind, I just wanted something that I could point, and well… shoot. The moment is king. Nothing but framing and hitting a button. It wasn’t until I complied a years worth of film from trips and traveling that I started to discover these diptychs. I hope you enjoy them as much I do creating them.

people using stairs dyptic.jpg
china ship.jpg

Pine Bush UFO Fair

I shot this series of UFO fair goers for Super Cluster in the small town of Pine Bush, NY which has staked its claim as the UFO capital of the world do to the abundant sightings and abductions.

Super cluster home page .png

Vintage Skateboarding: Inspiration & the roots of style

I love this era of skateboarding. It’s an era of skating that will never be totally reborn, but it was a amazing exploration of human movement and visual expression that equaled a totally a groovy, semi-radical style. I’m not sure who shot these photos, but they really inspire me.

Words and Abstraction

I’ve been doing an ongoing series of abstract paintings of a word or phrase that has permeated American culture for the last several generations (if not longer) and how that word or phrase has changed over the years because of cultural shifts due to technology, civil rights, the abundant access to information etc.

In this study of shifting language and concepts, the paintings are also autobiographical. I was never a good student, and the literal repetition of painting each word reflects the educational form of punishment of staying after school to write a phrase on a caulk board, which is as outdated as the words/phrases that I am exploring.

Additionally, The layers and colors of each painting are as varied as the general attitude or opinions have been over time. For example, “Made in China” was once understood to mean “poor quality” or even "anti-American" in terms of economics and manufacturing. Now, as industries have shifted to be more global and China has seen a major upswing in economic power and industrial infrastructure the overall attitude of Chinese manufacturing has been largely accepted, and perhaps even celebrated by young companies who can take advantage of the low start-up costs and ease of making a product overseas, while it still remains to some the sign of the downfall of American manufacturing, which has only been heightened by the recent trade tariffs battle.

One at a Time. Acrylic on Canvas. 36x48

401K. Acrylic on Canvas. 36x48

Slow and Steady. Acrylic on Canvas. 24x36

Made in China. Acrylic on Canvas. 24x36